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Rainbow a stepping stone in my son’s life…  

My son Prem (Bobby) started his educational journey with very well known and famous Pre-school ‘RAINBOW PLAY HOME’. It has well disciplined ,cultured ,and well educated teachers. The teachers not only teach well but also use new and innovative methods of teaching. Rainbow’s annual functions are having ultra amazing and record breaking performances of such little children .Competitetions for mothers such as sports day, project making, navratri decoration of files etc.is a very big motiviation to parents which is not present in any other school. I am short of words .My best wishes are always with RAINBOW PLAY HOME’ and a BIG ‘THANK YOU’ for teaching my son apart from which I can see the present progress of my child. As we say a building is dependent on its base. It is well said that ‘well begun is half done’.i can say that my son has done almost 50% at Rainbow. Now my task is only 50% which I am confident that he will do well. Thanks!

By Mrs. Hetal J. Nayak

Copyright @ 2010 by RAINBOW PLAY HOME