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Rainbow Learning Program…VIBGYOR

Rainbow Play Home employs fun & learn techniques, such as Singing, Dancing, Role plays, Storytelling, Puppet shows, Clay modeling, Colouring and other specially designed curricular activities; in a right blend to achieve overall growth of the child helping imbibe intellectual, cognitive, linguistic, physical, emotional, social aspects & values. The aim is to improve various preparatory skills such as linguistic, mathematical, memorizing, eye-body-mind coordination, socializing, self help skills in the formative minds of the young ones.

Skill based Early learning programme : The early learning progamme is reviewed and revised every year by the experienced people in this field. The Programme is standardized for teacher but flexible for children.
Periodic Workshops for mothers:  Rainbow Play home helps both working mothers as well as home makers helping them cope with their dual role that of mother and an educator at home.
Continuous assessment of the children: Children are observed and assessed continuously through various games and activities, to know and evaluate their progress.
Daily role plays and storytelling sessions: This method has been adopted by us to improve the child’s English language skills.
Periodic training sessions for teachers: Motivational workshops and interactive sessions are organized from time to time to gear up the teachers for continuous upgradation of our learning programmes articulated for the children.
Leisure club Rainbow Play Home encourages the kids to explore the world of colours. In a joint effort with “Rangan” a local NGO, Rainbow conducts the art and Craft classes for children from surrounding areas. Thus it aspires to contribute  in making the learning an enjoyable experience for children.
Educational Magazine The Directress and the faculty regularly contribute to other schools’ magazines and periodicals through their views & articles, in a bid to share their experiences and learning acquired during their enriching journey.
V PLAYGROUP 1.5Yrs. - 2.5Yrs.
I NURSERY 2.5Yrs. - 3.5Yrs.
B RAINBOW JUNIORS  3.5Yrs. - 4.5Yrs.
G RAINBOW SENIORS 4.5Yrs. - 5.5Yrs.
Y LEISURE CLUB 5Yrs. - 15Yrs.

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